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Third party inspections can be accommodated at your request to give you complete peace of mind. We aim to meet your needs, whatever level of inspection you require. We routinely have inspectors visit our premises for existing client’s projects. Inspectors are appointed by the client.


We can meet your needs for a final inspection for those larger project jobs. Inspection tasks are set by the client but can include visual and dimensional inspection, review of documentation and certificates or a packing inspection.


For those occasions where time is critical, we can work with your inspector to avoid delays. Working together to project schedules and Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s) we can help fulfil those urgent requirements.


On request we can supply orders with certification to EN10204 3.2 where there are stringent project specifications for critical components. Working with Lloyds Register we can supply your order with complete, specific material traceability from mill or forge through to the final product. We have been working with Lloyds Register for over 20 years to supply the best products with the best certification.


We can offer painting on the final product to complete the supply package. Through an independent local paint shop we can paint according to any offshore paint specification with optional extras such as colour coding and additional testing such as adhesion testing or salt contamination tests. We have been supplying painted flanges for over 15 years to the most demanding of specifications to end users such as BP, Shell, Total and Conoco Philips. We can also offer decorative spray paint finishes or powder coating to suit your requirements.

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