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Our hope is you will find out that we are more than just a manufacturer. We seek to add value where we can, whether that is helping with product development or assisting your supply chain by holding call-off stock. In some cases we have been able to help with calculations to ensure design code compliance.

A core part of what we offer our customers is the manufacture of bespoke items to compliment our standard product lines. That may be a part to a customer's drawing or a variation of a standard product to suit a specific application. We also frequently manufacture items of a standard design but in a special grade of steel that wouldn't be available off the shelf anywhere. With a qualified mechanical engineer in house we can help to ensure that any special product still meets the relevant standards.

Our machine shop is equipped with the latest Mazak CNC lathes and mills, with 5-axis machining capabilities and a long serving, skilled workforce. We are highly experienced in machining the notoriously difficult nickel alloy grades such as alloy 825, 625 or C276 but we can machine almost any grade to suit your requirements. Whether it's A350 LF2, A182 316L or a nickel alloy grade, we have over 50 grades of steel in stock ready to supply your needs.


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