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John Mayes Engineers have been a family run business since their conception in 1959. A small company with a long serving work force, they have steadily grown into an important supplier for the Petro-chemical, process, energy and allied industries. They were one of the fore-runners to stock and manufacture fittings in chrome-moly materials such as F5, F9, F11 and F22. Continued diversity in both materials and products manufactured has ensured continuity with customers – new and old.

“Customer service is our main focus. It is our philosophy to deliver exactly what our customers need, exactly when they need it. If a customer needs an item tomorrow, it’s no good telling them delivery is going to be a week. We supply components into demanding markets; and as such, delivery is as critical as the quality, price and materials we use. As a consequence, we find that we are constantly juggling jobs around in order to satisfy our customer needs. After all, we can only sell an item when a customer wants to buy it.”


We believe that there is always somebody who is willing to pay a little extra for good, consistent quality and attention to detail. Even down to our paperwork, we are diligent to ensure that your whole experience with us will make you want to come back again.

"I cannot make a good component from poor quality material because if I do then the poor quality will soon come through and spoil the component, no matter how much care we take in the manufacture."
John Jones, Managing Director

We buy materials only from quality manufacturers originating in the Western EU, USA or Japan. We believe in integrity and it has to include the material supply.


Trust is the backbone of any relationship and as we hope to start a business relationship with you, we want you to know that you can trust us. For "donkeys years" we have been delivering product direct to our customers' customer, under plain labels and with no possible clue as to the source of the supply. We can honestly say that we don't want to sell to your customer, we are happy selling to you!


Not everything we supply is manufactured by us, so we take great care choosing suppliers who will enhance our reputation. We look for suppliers who mirror our own approach for quality product, documentation and service. For some 40+ years we have been supplying parts from IML in Italy. IML are part of the Farina Group and have an enviable reputation for quality of product. They sit on most approved vendors lists world wide. Abbey Forged Products are another example of a company which adds strength to our supply chain and who are also on most approved vendors lists.

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