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Here at John Mayes Engineers our primary ethos is to produce high quality products. We take great care to ensure that everything leaving our premises is of the highest standard. All products, whether they are made in house or purchased through our approved suppliers, are inspected for compliance before being packed for despatch.

‘Good quality’ is an expectation which can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. ‘Fit for purpose’ is a phrase which is all too often used to excuse sub-standard products or services. We prefer to say ‘would you want to buy it?’ when crafting the JMEL ethos to our staff. It should not matter which product you buy, whether it is a £2 plug or a £2000 bespoke flange assembly, it can still be manufactured and finished with the same intent of excellence. When you see our products we are sure you will not be disappointed.

To us ‘good quality’ means...

  • Well finished, it should be pleasing to the eye
  • Complying with all aspects of the design criteria
  • Well packaged
  • Supplied with ample protection against damage or ingress of dirt
  • Clearly identified
  • Consistent - each time you buy a product it should look the same.
  • Well documented – fully traceable certification which is easy to read and follow.


Our documentation is bespoke to us. We have gone to great lengths to provide documentation that is concise and easy to follow. Our documentation is interrogated to ensure no certificates are duplicated and the document pack you receive is as small as possible.
Clear references between components and their sub components and kept throughout, making it extremely simple to understand.

We are delighted to announce we are ISO 9001 registered.


All products supplied by John Mayes Engineers are certified as standard to EN10204-3.1 but can be upgraded or manufactured to EN10204-3.2 on request.



To get the best out of our resources we have always seen the need to invest in modern equipment. That ethos also applies to our IT systems. Recently we have progressed from an MRP software program to a full ERP system. Traceability is a must in our line of work and using the seamless connectivity of an ERP software program makes this process more efficient. All functions from Quotations to QA are now fully integrated into one system which enables us to provide a more streamlined, dynamic response for our customers. 

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